Whenever you play, sport or simply exercise injuries can occur. This is often due to unconditioned or over used muscles. Whether you’re elite, sport specific or training for a fun run, 4EVERfitness can tailor a program precise to your personal needs that will address these issues through a strength and conditioning program.

4EVERfitness founder and trainer Cam Ward has participated at an elite level in triathlons, marathons and cycling tours as well as recreational rollerblading and skydiving.  He has tailored programs for clients who want to complete full or half marathons, sailing events, obstacle racing such as Tough Mudder as well as gentler programs assisting people in recovery and development. Cam guarantees that everyone will benefit from strength and conditioning with genuine results being achieved through a 4EVERfitness-training program.

Whatever your goal, event or personal challenge, 4EVERfitness will assist you in achieving your best. Our trainers are highly accredited and experienced and thrive on helping you transform your wishes into realities.


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