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Run Club the newest edition to our training timetable. Summer now over Winter can be the most challenging time of year to train.  Run Club is the solution, you will stay dry, we don't mind if you walk as we work with the beginner to the elite in an encouraging and uplifting environment.  Run Club is designed to strengthen your body through a series of running drills and strengthening exercises to have you injury free for your next event. 'Can't run or choose not to run' that's ok we still invite you along to enjoy the benefits of outdoor training. Run Club will give you the confidence and focus to get you to your next event. This program is a 60 minute session broken down to half running/drills and the 2nd half strength training.

Up coming events we will be running at......

2019 Great Ocean Road Running Festival - 18 - 19 May
2019 Gold Coast Marathon Festival - 6 -7 July
2019 Melbourne Marathon Festival - 13 October

Click for details on how you can jump on board and FINISH on of the above events.


Metabolic Resistance Training - MRT

How do we ask you to change something if it appears it is working? HIIT only really “works” if we actually program it correctly. 
When most hear the words “high intensity” the assumption is that it is intense based off how hard I am breathing, how much I am sweating, or just how exhausted I have become. That is a bit true in fact, however, people go about it the wrong way.

That is where this program is going to REALLY take a departure from how most people go about their HIIT programs. Why? The only reason is because it will make your HIIT actually better and more effective!

MRT is Changing HIIT


Improve your back pain BOOTCAMP

For the majority of 2018 I was waking up when I wanted to roll over as it was painful. When I woke up in the morning I would be even more sore and tired and would have to hold a chair to sneeze as it hurt so much……I'm sleeping better, feeling stronger, posture is straighter and most importantly I'm not stressed about how sore I am while having to work full time and raise a family.

Alyce Gorgievski

The daily grind places a huge amount of strain on our bodies.  In the eyes of DVRT (Dynamic variable resistance training), functional training is really “movement efficiency”, we can use these concepts for any individual to really gage where their deficiencies may lie and what may be causing movement compensations. Designed for the beginner to the very advanced clients that have never touched an Ultimate Sandbag.  We focus on what you can't see but yet plays a big role on what you can see and how you go about it.

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