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Run Club the newest edition to our training timetable. Summer now over Winter can be the most challenging time of year to train.  Run Club is the solution, you will stay dry, we don't mind if you walk as we work with the beginner to the elite in an encouraging and uplifting environment.  Run Club is designed to strengthen your body through a series of running drills and strengthening exercises to have you injury free for your next event. 'Can't run or choose not to run' that's ok we still invite you along to enjoy the benefits of outdoor training. Run Club will give you the confidence and focus to get you to your next event. This program is a 60 minute session broken down to half running/drills and the 2nd half strength training.

Up coming events we will be running at......

Run Geelong -  November 2017



Back pain is a growing issue in our Australian society. We live in a fast paced society where living, working and recreation roles into one. Constantly the words 'I don't have time' echo through the studio. With a young family and a growing business we understand that time is an issue and getting to the gym is a task, that's why we have created a workshop to help.

This 2hr workshop is designed for anyone that is wanting to improve not only their back health but their quality and efficiency of movement.

The goal of the session is to educate you on how to use the Ultimate Sandbag in the comfort of your own home to improve your health.

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