Thanks very much mate! Thanks for yet another fantastic bootcamp. Although the other bootcamps have been tough and fun, this one has turned out to be my personal favourite. The mental hurdles I had to push through just to get up those bloody stairs, let alone the feeling that I was falling further and further behind Meg (which has taught me to run my own race which is humbling) and not to mention that torturous TRX, has been such a worthwhile experience. Your encouragement, support and dedication to all of the campers well-being is making a difference to peoples lives. ONYA!
— GROUP TRAINING// Andrew Percy

Cam is down to earth with an holistic focus, caring about what works for you.
— GROUP TRAINING// Caroline Hogan

Just wanted to give some feedback. I am a 38yr old female. I have suffered from moderate to severe hip/pelvic pain for the last 21/2 years. Over that time I have had X-rays, multiple steroid infections into the joint, MRI & bone scan. I have seen rheumatologists, chiropractors, multiple physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists & sports medicine specialists!

In all this time I have not been able to achieve any level of pain relief. After 3 sessions with you I began to feel relief. I’d go 3-4hrs without noticing any pain, it was awesome. I then got a roller & started using that 3-4 times a week (using your program), as well as training twice. I’m happy to say that after doing a term with you I am now almost fully pain free. I have great movement & stability in my hips & I am feeling fantastic.

Looking forward to what you’ve got planned for us for 2016!

Thanks so much
— GROUP TRAINING// Jane Dalton