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From the Ground UP

The daily grind places a huge amount of strain on our bodies.  In the eyes of DVRT (Dynamic variable resistance training), functional training is really movement efficiency, we can use these concepts for any individual to really gage where their deficiencies may lie and what may be causing movement compensations. Designed for the beginner to the very advanced clients that has never touched an ultimate sandbag.  We focus on what you can't see but yet plays and big role on what you can see and how you go about it.

This class runs every Monday of term 4, numbers are limited to 8 per session. To maximise the benefits of the sessions we recommend you book for the term, there are currently 11 sessions.  

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The Improve your back pain workhop
4:00 pm16:00

The Improve your back pain workhop


Back pain is a growing issue in our Australian society. We live in a fast paced society where living, working and recreation roles into one. Constantly the words 'I don't have time' echo through the studio. With a young family and a growing business we understand that time is an issue and getting to the gym is a task, that's why we have created a workshop to help.

This 2hr workshop is designed for anyone that is wanting to improve not only their back health but their quality and efficiency of movement.

The goal of the session is to educate you on how to use the Ultimate Sandbag in the comfort of your own home to improve your health.


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