What is DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training)?

  • The Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System uses Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ to develop and greatly improve strength and conditioning. This is achieved using a program that consists of 402 professionally designed movements.

  • The Ultimate Sandbag™ is the most cutting edge tool being used today in serious fitness circles. It is a specifically designed bag consisting of various weight ranges that can be held in NINE different positions. Participants can progress from very basic exercises to an advanced level, with the option of changing the weight of the Ultimate Sandbag™ to suit their training requirements.

  • Using a series of innovative training exercises, The Ultimate Sandbag™ will engage your core and provide a full body workout that also targets muscles that support your joints. Our 4EVERfitness trainer will expertly ensure your performance and technique is correct as you rapidly develop your new skills and increase your strength.

Benefits of DVRT

The Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness system benefits you by:

  • Providing an effective whole body workout in less time than other workouts

  • Building and toning muscle

  • Burning fat

  • Increasing strength and conditioning

  • Developing confidence and skills

  • Challenges mobility, stability and all planes of motion

Whether you’re an athlete, an enthusiest or interested in gaining strength, mobility, flexibility and stability, The Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System will cater for your fitness level.

Master Trainer in DVRT

 To ensure our clients receive the highest level of innovative exercise programs out there, 4EVERfitness founder and trainer Cam Ward has twice travelled to the U.S.A to participate in Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ camps to study the ‘official’ Ultimate Sandbags training system. He has since been awarded the honor of being recognized as the only Ultimate Sandbag Master Trainer in Australia. All of our DVRT classes will be run by Cam both in group or personal training sessions. Cam looks forward to providing you with the best possible guidance, support and encouragement as you improve your strength and fitness through this innovative technique.

So what on earth are you waiting for?  Start your DVRT fitness journey NOW